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Are you in a Romantic relationship?

Did you know your daily routine can kill your relationship?

The more you live in a certain way the more predictable and familiar you become. This is not smooth. Predictable is just another word for boring or dull.

Your ability to remain exciting is essential. If you can impress and excite your partner they will continue to find you attractive. In turn, they will work to make themselves desirable for you.

This cycle keeps your relationship burning hot!

Keeping your relationship exciting is not easy! Everyone needs help with this challenge. Especially me.

Romantic Camping is the best solution I have found for keeping relationships alive!

I want to share all the Romantic Ideas and Camping Advice I know with you... that is my goal.

Join me in learning more about Romantic Camping and you will keep your Romantic relationship alive and exciting!

How is Romantic Camping different than traditional camping?

Romantic Camping is a Romantic Getaway within a camping setting.

There are 4 elements that distinguish Romantic Camping:

1) ADVENTURE: Romantic Camping involves outdoor adventures that can be enjoyed as a couple. Your relationship needs a worthy challenge! Plan Romantic Camping trips based on things like backpacking, kayaking or hot springing. Sharing these outdoor adventures will strengthen your relationship and make lasting memories!

2) BEAUTY: Romantic Camping uses Nature's beauty as an aphrodisiac. This process requires knowing your surroundings and taking time to appreciate what your senses tell you. Creating an interactive experience with Nature provides a magical connection with the Earth. There is nothing more powerful (and SEXY) than feeling you are in sync with the Universe!

3) INSTINCT: Romantic Camping explores ways to nurture your animal instincts. This process involves making your partner feel desired and protected. Cooking over a campfire or having sex under the stars are primal behaviors. Humans have been doing these kinds of things since the beginning of time… and for good reason!

4) PRICE: Romantic Camping is a LESS expensive Romantic Getaway. When you’re in the wilderness there are fewer opportunities to be in "buying" mode. The well-being of your relationship depends on taking breaks from our consumerist society. The cycle of “more, more, more” only distracts you from appreciating what you have! provides the Romantic Ideas and Camping Advice you need to successfully transform your camping trip into a Romantic Getaway.

About Me

Romantic Camping Ideas

My name is Bjorn. I am a Librarian from Santa Cruz, California. I love the Internet and Information. However, I go outdoors whenever I can. My favorite outdoor activities are surfing and Romantic Camping.

I grew up in the mountains of Idaho. I remember camping with my family during summer vacations. These experiences taught me to appreciate the beauty of Nature.

I was also a Boy Scout. Camping with my friends I began building my outdoor skills. I gained respect for the wilderness and earned my Eagle Scout Badge.

I have learned IMPORTANT things since my early years of camping!

I have discovered that camping trips can be transformed into Romantic Getaways. Nature is truly the most beautiful part of this world. Share the magic of the outdoors with someone special and you will inspire them and yourself to live passionately.

Check out the Romantic Camping Information below and visit the Romantic Camping Blog!

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Romantic Camping Information

  • Planning Romantic Getaways: Figure out exactly what you want. Then make it happen! This section will guide you through the steps of planning your Romantic Getaway. I will show you how to leverage online tools to ensure your camping trip is a success.
  • Romantic Ideas: There are countless Romantic Ideas just to waiting to be integrated into your next camping trip. I expose my favorite Romantic outdoor activities in this section. Contact me and let me know about your favorite Romantic ideas and games… I want to learn from you!
  • Advice About Gear: There is certain camping gear that you need when Romantic Camping. This section explains what you need to know when buying camping gear for your Romantic Getaway. I also provide advice on how to properly use and care for your camping equipment.
  • Safety Tips: Accidents can happen! However, accidents happen to some people more than others. Knowledge and experience can help you reduce the risks on your outdoor adventure. Hedge the odds of injury and illness by knowing the common camping pitfalls. This section prepares you for a safe and Romantic Getaway.
  • Web Resources: There are now thousands of camping websites. Many of these sites DO NOT offer valuable information or Romantic Ideas. My specialty is information. I understand quality websites! Let me help you find the BEST online resources for camping and the outdoors.
  • Romantic Camping Blog: The Romantic Camping Blog is designed to provide you with specific information on the topics of Romantic Ideas, Romantic Getaways and Romantic Camping Gear. I will also be using this blog to announce updates to this site too. Please subscribe to my blog and post your comments!

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