Camping Beds

Camping Bed

Protect yourself form the HARD ground! You don’t want to feel any rocks or twigs when getting down to business in your love den. A cushioned camping bed will also insulate you from ground moisture keeping you warm and dry.

Camping cots are bulky, expensive and NOT safe for Romantic activities! Air beds and sleeping pads are the BEST options for Romantic Camping.

There are many air bed and sleeping pad options. These camping bed types vary by length, width, weight and thickness. Knowing your camping style will determine the type of camping bed you want. For example, air beds are a comfy option for car-camping, while lightweight sleeping pads work BEST for backpacking.

Sleeping Pads

Sleeping pads are also known as a ground pad, sleeping mat or roll mat. They are designed to roll up tightly thus minimizing space. Their primary purpose is to provide minimal padding and thermal insulation. It is always recommended to also have a layer between the sleeping pad and the ground. A ground cloth or a tent works best. This additional protective layer helps reduce the possibility of punctures and reduces moisture transfer. There are three types of sleeping pads:

1) Closed Cell Foam: These sleeping pads have the advantage of not being prone to punctures. Variations include textured or shaped foam to increase the unrolled volume of the pad. These foam products can also be designed with ridges or an egg-carton texture.

ROMANTIC IDEA: For ultimate car-camping comfort, try using a custom 2-4 inch foam mattress. Call local upholstery shops to inquire about purchasing the dimensions you need. Memory foam mattress (from Costco) is another good option. Keep foam mattresses covered and store mattresses in a protective bag to keep clean.

2) Manually-Inflated: Similar to the air mattress, this pad type requires an external pressure source to inflate. They are typically inflated by a pump or by blowing.

3) Self-Inflated: This type of pad is capable of self-inflation due to an open-cell foam that fills the internal cavity. You need only open the valve and wait for it to fill.

Today, there are many options for self-inflating pads. For many years the self inflating pad design was protected by various patents held by Cascade Designs. Cascade Designs was founded in 1972 by two former Boeing engineers, who were avid backpackers. Their first product innovation was the self-inflating camping mattress, marketed as Therm-a-Rest.

The Therm-a-Rest remains the industry standard for high-quality self inflated sleeping pads.

ROMANTIC IDEA: Use a double-wide sleeping pad! With a two-person sleeping pad there is no seam or gap. Another (cheaper) option is to combine two single sleeping pads using a sleeping pad coupler strap. This system uses two nylon webbing straps with a velcro closure to combine sleeping pads together. The coupler kit is the best option if you already own sleeping pads. They only cost about $15.

Air Beds

Air beds are the MOST comfortable camping bed. Air beds are a favorite for car-camping. All size options are available. Find a size that will fit inside your tent and sleep two people comfortably. Size ranges include:

  • Full - 75"x54" (190.5 x 137 cm)
  • Queen - 80"x60" (203 x 152 cm)
  • King - 80"x72" (203 x 183 cm)
In recent years, air beds have become popular for both camping and home use. This is because many models now come with built-in pumps that can self-inflate. Popular brands include AeroBed, Intex, Coleman, Air Cloud and Wenzel.

When taking an air bed camping, be sure you have a way to pump-up your bed. Foot-pumps or an electric pump that can be plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter are good options.

REMEMBER: Air beds have a SHORT life-span. They require delicate attention. Use protective layers between the ground and the air bed. Also, use blanket on top of the mattress. This top layer will not only protect the bed from accidental punctures, but it will help insulate you from the cold air inside.

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