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Your equipment makes all the difference! Use only the BEST camping gear. You cannot return your equipment once you’re in the wilderness. Your comfort and safety depends on your gear…

  • Be Selective: What type of trip do you have planned? Bring only the camping equipment you need. The type of camping you do determines the gear you need. Take the advise of friends and experts. Ask them what gear you need.
  • Make a List: Write down everything you need to bring. Keep your camping checklist for next time. Adjust your list based on your experiences. Each time you go camping you will learn something! Use the checklist to keep track of this knowledge.
  • Borrow or Rent: If you don’t have the right camping supplies, that’s okay! Borrow camping gear from your friends. Specialty outdoor shops often rent camping equipment, so renting is another option. Renting or borrowing is a great way to determine what gear works for you. This way you know what to purchase in the future.
  • Research: There is an overwhelming number of camping gear options. Closely evaluate the product information before purchasing new camping equipment. This will help you narrow down the choices. Select camping gear that directly suits your camping style. Read the customer reviews. Researching camping equipment is time well invested.
  • Spend Wisely: Purchase top quality camping equipment online. Buying gear online saves you time and money. Online stores have less employees and no expensive storefront. This means webstores sell camping supplies cheaper!

REMEMBER: Purchase the BEST camping gear you can afford. Your equipment can make the difference between failure and success!

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