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Look great while camping! The days of rugged, itchy and frumpy outdoor clothing are over. Outdoor wear is a growing fashion business and a crucial part of your camping gear. Check out great outdoor clothing lines form Patagonia, Prana, Columbia, Helly Hansen, Moonstone, MEC, North Face and REI.

Wear clothes that look attractive on you, but don’t forget your clothing should to feel good too. Use fabrics that will work with your camping activities and the weather forecast. Pack clothing that can be easily washed and dried. And always consider how your clothes will be layered for maximum comfort.

Clothing Layers

Layer your clothing in order to adjust to changing temperatures. Layering is simple. You start with an undershirt/underpants, add middle (thicker) layers and lastly cover with a weather resistant outer layer. This style of dress will allow you to remain dry and warm (or cool).

Avoid the Smell

Don’t kill the Romantic mood with your smell. There are several easy ways to avoid the not-so-romantic body odor. Check out the following advice:

  • Cotton: Absorbs sweat. Cotton fabric can quickly become uncomfortable and stinky. If engaging in physical activities like hiking, avoid using cotton.
  • Synthetic: Polypropylene and polyester can wick away the sweat. This means they are LESS stinky. Synthetics work well as under-layers. They help keep your dry!
  • Wool: Relatively stink resistant. It’s warm too! Try using a soft knit wool sweater as a middle layer.
  • Gore-Tex: Waterproof and windproof. It’s also breathable! This means you will not get soaked in sweat and condensation. Gore-Tex is an ideal outer layer.
  • Fresh Clothes: Designate a clean outfit (and clean socks) specifically for hanging-out around camp. Remove wet, sweaty or dirty clothes when you arrive at camp. Wash dirty clothes with biodegradable soap or just let them air-out.

ROMANTIC IDEA: Avoid smelling bad! Begin by following the clothing tips listed above. Also, don't forget to wash your hands, face and neck with soap and water on a regular basis. These simple things will help you maintain sex appeal.

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