Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking

Nothing brings out your appetite like spending the day outdoors. That's why preparing meals while camping is so rewarding. Indulge your primal senses and cravings! Doing so will enhance the Romance…

Cooking Basics

  • Backpacking: Great meals are possible while backpacking! However, without the benefit of a cooler food spoilage becomes a factor. You don’t want to become sick miles away from civilization. If you are backpacking it’s wise to stick with hard cheeses, canned, dry food and sturdy veggies.

  • Car-Camping: This style of camping is associated with the luxury of a cooler. The cooler does more than keep your brews cold. The cooler allows you to store meats, dairy and other fresh ingredients. If you are Car-Camping with a cooler your meal options are almost limitless!

ROMANTIC IDEA: If you're NOT backpacking, bring the home dishware and utensils! Romantic Camping blends modern luxuries with the rustic beauty of the outdoors. Use nice table settings. They will look and feel great in the warm light of your fire or lantern!
  • Food Packaging: The food you take camping should be placed in re-sealable bags or plastic containers. Why do this? You are leaving your house and entering the wilderness! Guard your food items from the critters that want to get into it. Moisture is another factor that can spoil your food supply. Keep it sealed! More good advice on keeping your food safe from wildlife is provided in the Wildlife section.

  • Kitchen Equipment: You can spend lots-o-cash building the ultimate camping kitchen. Cooking equipment like camping knives, camping cookware and camping stoves can add-up. Using specialized camping equipment can make your life easier. However, Romantic meals can be prepared over the campfire without using special equipment. Chances are you already have the basic gear you need to get started! Check your home kitchen... Knives, utensils, plates, wine glasses, old pots and pans will survive your camping trip.

REMEMBER: If you are using pots or pans over an open fire the bottoms will turn black. This carbon buildup can be nearly impossible to wash off. The trick is to rub liquid dish detergent all over the outside of the pot or pan BEFORE you begin. This little layer of soap will save you big time!

Cooking (or Not?)

You don't have to cook! There are times when you can't be bothered. That's OK! Are there restaurants near your campsite? Go check them out. I've enjoyed many restaurant meals while camping. I fully recommend dining out when Romantic Camping!

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