Planning Romantic Getaways

Planning Romantic Getaways

You've decided! You want to transform your next camping trip into a Romantic Getaway! Begin planning now... The planning process has a few basic steps:

1) KNOW YOURSELF and the ONE you are camping with. What are your combined preferences? What are the essential components that will make your outdoor getaway Romantic? Figure out what you want. Make a list! Ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of weather or temperature do you like?
  • What kind of geography or scenery do you want?
  • Are you seeking solitude or social interaction?
  • What activities do you like – hiking, biking, swimming, surfing?
  • Do you want to see wildlife? What type?
  • How far from civilization do you want to be?

2) GATHER INFORMATION. Find a campsite that fits your needs and preferences. Search around based on the preferences you have outlined. Invest a little time locating the BEST location for your Romantic getaway. Check out the following information sources:

  • Experts: Talk to the camping experts. Ask the clerks at your local outdoor store for their advice. Their knowledge of the local area can be very helpful!
  • Friends: Ask your friends for suggestions. Do they know of any secret camping spots?
  • Google: Search the web for potential locations using different combinations of the keywords from your preference list. People do write about their camping trips and Google can connect you directly to this information.
  • GORP: The world’s biggest camping website offers some good trip planning tools and information. Click HERE and use their campground search engine. Simply enter the area you want to go and a few keywords from your preference list. The less keywords you use the more results will be returned.
  • Guidebooks: Books are always a GREAT resource for gathering travel information. Find guidebooks at your local library or bookstore.
  • Parks: National and State parks are always an excellent option for Romantic Camping. There’s some good information about parks online. Visit the following helpful websites to learn more about the parks in your area:
National Parks Service
The mission of the National Park Service is to preserve the natural and cultural resources and values of the national park system for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. If you are interested in camping at a National Park this site will allow you to learn about the park before you go. Climate, History, Overview and Contact information is provided for every National Park. Just go to the “Find A Park” tab and explore!
Basic information regarding all state parks in the United States can be found here. Find out about directions, facilities and activities, park maps, park overviews and contact information. Even write a review of the park if you wish?

Parks of Canada
This site offers a variety of informational resources related to Canada’s national parks. Information includes topics like hours of operation, directions, maps, where to stay, fees, activities, facilities, weather and tourism links.

3) MAKE RESERVATIONS. Reservations are mandatory during peak vacation months! We live in a crazy society in which people reserve their vacations a year in advance. Unfortunately, we must to compete with these nuts!

The sooner you can make a reservation the better. Having a camping spot secured will eliminate anxiety and allow you to focus on more Romantic ideas. Check out the following website that allows you to make your reservations online:
This site offers a single point of access to information about Federal recreational opportunities and reservations. This site provides a comprehensive source of information about thousands of Federal recreation opportunities.

  • Discover which parks, forests, lakes, museums, and other recreation sites managed by Federal agencies.
  • Use interactive maps for trip planning activities to locate specific recreation sites managed by Federal agencies.
  • Determine the entrance fees and use fees for individual recreation sites managed by Federal agencies.
  • Make recreation-related reservations for use of Federal sites via their shopping cart.

4) BE PREPARED. This is the secret to Romantic Camping. Everything goes smoothly when you’re prepared. Smooth equals Romance! The following are a just few more IMPORTANT things to remember when preparing your Romantic Getaway:


Get the directions and maps you need. Don’t get lost! Getting lost is a frustrating and NOT Romantic. Be sure to print out directions from if you have never been to the area you are going.

Are you a member of AAA? If so, go down to your local AAA office and load up on FREE maps. Their road maps are high quality and area specific. This is an awesome benefit of your membership. Use it!

You can order maps online. If you heading to a National Forest area go to the National Forest Store to buy a map before you go. This way you can begin planning your hikes and activities before you go.


Find out what Nature has in store for you. Be sure to check the weather a day or two before you leave on your Romantic Getaway. This information will give you a better idea of the type of clothing to pack. Of course, be prepared for the unexpected too!

Everything Else

Deciding to transform your next camping trip into a Romantic Getaway is the BIG step. All other necessary decisions will fall into place. is dedicated to helping you in this process! The other sections of this site will give you the advice and information you need for success.

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