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Beach Camping

Camping at the beach is truly Romantic. People have always been drawn to the water. Water represents life. Use this instinct to your advantage!

There are THREE things to remember when any spending time on the beach…

1) Sun: Bring sunscreen and use it! Every trip to the beach requires protection from the sun. Protect your eyes from the sun with sunglasses. Hats are also a good idea to protect your face, neck and ears. If you’re spending several hours at the beach find a shady spot or make your own shade. This will help you to preserve your energy. You need energy for Romancing.

2) Water: Don’t drown! Always ask if the beach is safe for swimming. Also, stay hydrated while at the beach. The sun will make you thirsty and it will be tempting to drink alcohol while lying on the sand. That is fine! However, the reflection of the sun on the sand and water will quickly dehydrate you. Keep drinking water!

3) Wind: Prepare for the wind! Always have a wind-breaker, jacket or blanket ready. The beach can quickly become inhabitable when a strong wind kicks up. Have a backup plan! This plan should include a place away from the wind and cold. If you are using a tent on the beach, consider placing the tent in a protected area.

Beach Benefits

Beach Fire: Fire and Water unite! Some of my BEST memories are associated with beach fires. They are awesome and Romantic in every way.... Always make a beach fire if you can. Calm summer nights are my favorite time for a beach fire.

Beach Games: Bring a game to the beach! This opportunity for physical activity and competition should NOT be missed. Beach games will add energy to your relaxing day. There are many options... My favorite beach games include Frisbee, Bocce Ball and Horse Shoes.

Beach Walks: Cliché as it may seem, walking down the beach is Romantic! I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t enjoy a stroll down the waterline. It doesn’t matter the time of day or night. Go barefoot! Don’t talk too much. Let Nature do the talking. Soak up the free therapy. Flirt softly - hold hands, touch your partner’s hair and smile! These are the best times…

Kites: Beaches are usually windy. Use the wind to your advantage by flying a kite. You only need ONE kite between you and your partner. Take turns flying! I recommend the kites with the double handles. They are exciting and challenging to fly. They offer hours of entertainment. If you have a kite with the double handles you will actually need two people. The job of the second person is to pick up the kite when it falls and untangle the strings. If you’re new to kite flying be sure to find a stretch of beach that has lots of space.

Sunrises: If you’re East coast facing then try catching the sunrise. I’ve only seen a few ocean sunrises (usually after all-nighters). They were simply AMAZING! I can’t think of a more Romantic way to start (or end) the day.

Sunsets: A sunset over the ocean is magic! Plan your evening around it. Sunsets are really only good if the day is clear or partially cloudy. If there is a thick wall of clouds you’ll see nothing! It’s always nice to settle in a few minutes before the ball drops. Bring a blanket, bottle of wine and an appetizer! Remember the best part of the sunset is the half hour after the sun is gone. This is when the sky changes.

Tide-Pooling: Beaches with rocky areas are often BEST for this activity. Explore the tide-pools during the low tide. Tide-pools can be FULL of interesting things to watch and touch. Look for crabs, starfish, seashells, fish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Tide-pooling is also a good time to find a nice seashell or rock (something NOT living) for a souvenir representing your Romantic Getaway.

Sex on the Beach

This is a classic romantic fantasy that must be done whenever possible! There is something about an orgasm at the edge of the world. Of course, there are a few potential hazards to consider when having sex on the beach...

  • Sand: If you’ve spent anytime at the beach you know sand can get everywhere. Throw down a barrier between you and the sand. This could be a towel, blanket, sarong or a jacket. Woman on top is always a good option for beach sex.

    REMEMBER: To help flush out sand (and anything else) doctors recommended that women take a pee afterward. The process of squatting and peeing contracts the vagina walls and helps squeeze out that unwanted stuff.
  • Surf: Beware the rouge wave! Pick a spot that is above the high-tide mark. The tide changes from high to low every six hours. It can be difficult to tell which way the water is moving. To stay safe it’s best to situate yourself on a dry place that is not at the lowest area of the beach. Water can RUSH over the low spots in just seconds!
  • Critters: I HATE sand fleas! The little bastards bite. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world have these pests. They are usually most active around sunset, which is a bummer. If you experience bites be sure to spray your feet and legs with bug spray. Try using a large towel or blanket for maximum protection. Some beaches have crabs (the big ones with pinchers). Depending on the season, a vacant beach can quickly become overrun by scampering crabs. This can be a little creepy. Keep your eyes open!

Great sex on the beach is SPECIAL because it takes the prefect set of circumstances. Always keep yourself aware of your situation. Sometimes you can luck into the ideal moment. Stay ready for the possibility and it will happen!

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