Hot Springs

Romantic Hot Springs

Camping near a natural hot spring can bring extreme RELAXING pleasure. Soak away the stress of your modern lifestyle. Allow the hot water to dissolve ALL thoughts of past and future. Take your body and mind directly to the present moment. This is where Romance lives!

ROMANTIC IDEA: Night soaking under the moon and stars is Romantic. The late night and early morning sessions are likely to be the MOST private. Bring some tea-light candles for additional ambience!

How Do They Work

Hot springs are from geothermally heated groundwater. The temperature of rocks within the earth increases with depth. Hot springs are formed when water soaks deep into the earth’s crust coming into contact with heated rocks.

In volcanic zones groundwater may be heated by contact with molten rock. This can cause the water to produce steam and pressure. Geysers and mud pots are the result of this superheated groundwater. You can be seriously burned or even killed by these types of hot springs.

Therapeutic Hot Springs

The heated water from natural hot springs contain dissolved minerals form the earth. Some of these minerals are known for their therapeutic value. Hot springs with certain mineral concentrations have been developed into spas and rehabilitation clinics. For a moderate price these facilities can offer you and your partner an amazing RELAXATION session. Ask about private tubs! Maybe you can even book a massage? Be sure to plan ahead and make a reservation (if it’s recommended).

Some hot springs are famous for their lithium content. Lithium is considered a mood stabilizer and is often used to treat depression and bipolar disorder. Do you or your significant other need a serious mood adjustment? Try soaking your bodies at a lithium hot spring! This will take you away… and bring you slowly back to reality.

Hot Spring Basics

Hot springs are relatively rare and thus special. There are a few general guidelines for properly using and preserving natural hot springs. Check out the following rules:

  • Be Respectful: Yes, sometimes you get the place to yourselves. Other times you have to SHARE the space. Fornicating in front of others is generally considered disrespectful. Save that action for when you are alone!
REMEMBER: Natural hot springs located off the beaten path are usually clothing optional. When sharing a hot pool it’s a courtesy to ask before exposing your naked body to strangers. It’s also a courtesy NOT to stare or laugh at other naked people. Let these thoughts and any self-consciousness about nudity evaporate into the air. Those are only the worries of outside world!
  • Don't Use Glass: A cold brew or some whiskey might take your soak to the next level. However, your hands will be wet and relaxed, so don’t risk bringing the glass bottle! Transfer the beverage into plastic or metal.
  • No Soap: Keep it natural… using soap can pollute the hot spring for days!
  • Remove Litter: Help keep the place clean! Don’t leave anything behind. Bring a bag to the soak area to pack out ALL litter, even if it’s not yours.

Finding Hot Springs

Hot springs can be found on every continent! However, this doesn’t mean they are EASY to find. Commercially developed hot spring pools and tubs are definitely the easiest to locate. They even have parking lots. Just search online… Most of these sites have their own websites.

Hot springs with natural pools and surroundings are often tricky to locate. They are typically situated along rivers away from primary roads and highways. They usually require a little walk or hike to get to!

The BEST way to find a natural hot springs is by asking people who know from personal experience. A hot spring book (by geographic location) is your next BEST option. There are also some websites that may have information you can use. Check out the Hot Spring links at the bottom of the RESOURCES Page. Good luck!

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