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I know what you’re thinking... However, this section is NOT about spanking your partner. It’s about experiencing Nature’s beauty from the water!

Canoeing, kayaking or rafting can be the theme of your next Romantic Getaway. A short day-trip or an entire paddling journey can add adventure and Romance to your camping trip. Paddling is also one of the BEST ways to find an isolated and private campsite!

You and your partner MUST be comfortable with some physical activity and know how to swim for this activity to qualify as a good idea. Planning, information gathering and a little money will be required for creating a successful and Romantic water adventure.

REMEMBER: Don't watch (or mention) the movie Deliverance before your canoeing excursion. Doing this may spoil your Romantic action during a random stop. If you don't know what I'm talking about, be glad you don't!

Renting a Boat

You don’t need to purchase a canoe, kayak or raft in order to experience a Romantic Getaway on the water. Buying boats is an expensive investment. I suggest you rent a boat from a retail shop, marina or an outfitter. If you plan to rent a boat and venture forth on your own be prepared to describe your past boating experiences and your competency to the sales person.

Be completely honest about your paddling skill level and your expectations. Ask the sales people for their advice on where to go and what to see in the area. Tell them you are planning a fun and Romantic date. They might be able to offer you directions to a secluded Romantic beach or camping spot!

ROMANTIC IDEA: Make frequent stops while paddling. Enjoy the shores and stretch your legs. Have a picnic on a secluded beach and go for a swim. Think skinny dipping!

Paddling Tours

The safest and easiest way to enjoy a paddling adventure is to join a tour group. This option is certainly BEST for open-ocean kayaking and white-water rafting.

It’s IMPORTANT to know what type of trip you are seeking. When you know what you are looking for you can then find an outfitter that will meet your needs. First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How physically fit are you?
  • Do you want something relaxing or challenging?
  • How long are you willing to paddle?
  • Do you want a private guide or do you want to travel with families, other couples or singles?

There are often many outfitters and options to choose from. Here are a few quick questions to ask when searching for an outfitter that will give you the BEST Romantic paddling experience:

  • Company History: Ask about the company. Find out how long the company has been around and how much experience their guides have. Do their guides have any special training (like first aid)? To ensure a quality Romantic experience you probably don’t want risk your lives with an inexperienced outfit.
  • Difficulty: Find out the paddling difficulty. Be honest about your experience level and physical fitness. Also, express your goals (relaxing or challenging).
  • Guide-to-Client Ratio:This question is IMPORTANT. You are paying good money to have an expert guide you. Make sure you receive this service. One guide for every 4-6 guests is the minimum.
  • Clientele:Make sure you are okay with the mix of people on your tour. Traveling with other couples can be really fun. However, paddling with a bunch of young kids can be really annoying. Know before you go!

Rating Rapids

Be sure to know the rapids lingo if you are considering paddling down a river. Always find out the class of rapids you can expect to encounter. Be sure you are paddling down a river section you and your partner can handle. Definitely prepare yourself for getting WET if it’s anything over Class II rapids.

Class I: Unobstructed moving water with small ripples requiring no maneuvering. (Skill Level: None)

Class II: Gentle waves with up to three foot drop. Channels are clear, wide and easily negotiated. (Skill Level: Basic Paddling Skill)

Class III: Whitewater with between three to five feet drop. Requires significant maneuvering. (Skill Level: Experienced paddling Skill)

Class IV: Whitewater with large waves, rocks and considerable drop and sharp maneuvers. Rafts can flip and passengers can get tossed! (Skill Level: Whitewater Experienced)

Class V: Violent and hazardous whitewater with large waves, large rocks, and huge drops. (Skill Level: Advanced Whitewater Experience)

Class VI: Extremely DANGEROUS! Avoid these types rapids if you value your life.

Paddling Trip Necessities

The following are a few things you MUST have on your boating trip:

  • Drinking Water: Avoid dehydration! Bring extra drinking water and drink it frequently.
  • Dry Bag: If you are transporting food, camping equipment, cameras or clothing you need a dry bag. Waves, rapids and splashing your partner can quickly soak your gear and even tip your boat. Be sure your gear remains safe and dry. A soaking wet sleeping bag is NOT Romantic!
  • Food: Paddling will make you hungry! Snacks are crucial when spending extended time on the water. Remember to store the food in a watertight bag or container.
  • Footwear: You should always use footwear. Sandals from brands like Teva or Chaco work best. Old sneakers or neoprene booties work too. Your footwear can really save you from slipping or cutting your feet when portaging or getting in or out of your boat.
  • Life-jacket: You must have a Coast-Guard approved life preserver for each person in your boat. You know the type. It’s orange and designed to float your head out of the water even when unconscious.
ROMANTIC IDEA: I know you want have sex in your boat! The bottom of you canoe or raft will likely be too uncomfortable on your knees or back without some padding. Use your life-jackets and towels for padding. Try to also keep your center of gravity low to avoid tipping the boat over.
  • Sun Protection: The sun’s light reflects off the water intensifying its potency. Protect yourself by using sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Spending hours on the water without this protection can cause dangerous sunburn.

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