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Outdoor Romantic Ideas

Imagine for a moment – You are FREE. You are miles away from the stress of your everyday life. You are immersed in Nature. So, what do you do next?

The first thing to do when Romantic Camping is shift your mind into Nature Mode. This involves breaking the habits of your daily routine. It means becoming part of your Natural surroundings. The following list of suggestions can help you accomplish this IMPORTANT first-step.

Beginning Romantic Ideas

  • Simplicity - Everything you do while camping should reflect this idea. Concentrate on basic needs. Rest, Food and Drink, Exercise and Sex. These are your highest priorities. Can you handle this?
  • Remove Time - When possible, avoid all time measuring devices. Switch to nature-time. Use the Sun if you need to. Try processing your camping experience without measuring how long things take. Timelessness is Romantic!
  • Be Spontaneous - Spontaneous moments are squashed by over-thinking. Avoid the to-do list mentality. Planning has its place. It got you to your campsite! However, once you arrive - Switch Gears. Give your mind a break. You deserve it!
  • Do Nothing - Just sit for a spell. Lay on your back and watch the clouds. I recommend you try this. Take time to be still. Decompress. Quietly soak in the sights and sounds of your campsite. Sharing these peaceful moments is priceless.
  • Take a Nap - Why not? Snuggle up with your partner and enjoy a siesta. This can be especially enjoyable after a hike. Also, rest and digest after a meal. Try napping naked and see what happens?
  • Sleep In - If you’re tent camping you will see and feel the sunrise. This means you will likely get up earlier than you might think. So, why rush? Make a conscious effort to stay in the bed. Spend this time giving you partner your full attention.

More Ideas

Romantic camping ideas are truly endless… For inspiration, check out additional Romantic Ideas from the MENU on the left. Please send me your comments and ideas. I want to learn from you!

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